Monday, September 11, 2017

Yikes! Its' Autumn

 "Autumnal Glow"

What better time than Autumn to get out your gold, red and orange pigments. And I am falling back in love with the Cadmium colours that tend to take over a painting if you allow them too. They are strong, push other translucent shades out of the way but, oh wow ,do they add impact to a subject that requires drama. 

Above you see Cadmium Orange come into play but it looks far stronger as it is working with Cadmium Yellow, teamwork is  stunning between the two bold pigments, both sat on top of Opera Pink by Daniel Smith. You will find Perylene Red here too and Amethyst Genuine as seen in the larger berry painting on my easel below.

 An easel full of Autumn delight!

You are not going to get the exact results I am gaining unless you press real berries onto your paper to stain it first. A trick I loved discovering some time back from my countryside rambles with my beloved dogs. If you look at the photograph of  my easel above you will see two dog collars on the top of it. I cannot bear to part with them so I keep them near me always. My dogs were always in my studio by my side, waiting for me to put my brushes down and go for a walk to gather new treasure to paint. So this new collection is in honour of my four legged friends who brought so much love and warmth to my life. They enriched it. They made my heart glow so my new paintings need to glow too.

 By the way, I have tried wearing gloves when applying berry stains to my work but I hate wearing them. So I end up with very stained hands! But as I love the results so much I keep having fun, like a child that knows perhaps they shouldn't do something really but just can't stop themselves!

Berry staining adds to the freshness, interest and colour of my work

How I love Autumn! 
And I cannot wait for my next workshops as I have so much new too share.

Have a great week ahead!


Watercolour Workshops 2018

SOLD OUT, wait list open

USA Spring Tour
Florida Fort Lauderdale and Sarasota SOLD OUT 
New Orleans, new workshop open with places available
Hawaii. Places available at the moment. 

USA Autumn Tour
Seattle Places Available
 Washington  Kennewick SOLD OUT
Florida  Bradenton Places Available 

Please contact me as soon as possible to be put on wait lists or in touch with the hosts of my USA workshops. 


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