Sunday, September 10, 2017

Vintage Flow : Learning from my new book

 "Vintage Flow"

I woke early to bird song and sunshine. The urge to race to my studio was too hard to resist so here I worked in silence while the world slept and it was heaven. In this "bubble" of  my own private world there is no politics, no hurricanes, no disasters, in fact no negatives in life at all. In my world there is only happiness and peace. Calm found in my soul via painting. Which is why I wrote my last book "Paint Yourself Calm" . I have needed to heed the words in my own book this year, as there have been times when tears have fallen through a problem that is completely out of my control. And I feel for anyone going through such agony. But such is life. No one, not even me has the completely perfect life. 

But this morning I raced to my studio and here was heaven waiting for me. I looked at my easel and the work there. Horse racing scenes full of excitement were removed from where they had been placed and moved to a floor space. Once my easel was bare I just stood and thought about what colour I felt like painting. Not subject. Just colour.

I have been working on my new book and as I looked through the paintings to be included in it , I thought about a piece that had daffodils flowing through the composition. In my heart that painting sang so sweetly and I returned to it with a sense of inner excitement. I felt a thrill run through me as I made changes to what was already a lovely piece.

I felt connection, harmony and vibrancy as new colours were added to strengthen the sense of direction.

As I worked I looked at what was happening in front of my eyes and this painting gave me food for thought. There are sections left to the imagination. These imaginary flowers, seemingly fading into the distance represent lifes' problems . They need to be put into an area where they don't take over. Even if it is a temporary decision it is good to stand back from them. 

 Flowers , like problems fading into the distance.

 In a really good composition there is always an area for the main focal point. The place where in my eyes beauty shines. It is here that I place detail. Here that I place my main attention. Nothing else matters.  In life I think we need to think in the same way. Look for the beauty in life and  try to avoid negativity. Not so easy in some situations that are out of our control. But whatever is happening, we always need to focus on what is good around us. I love the saying when a tragedy happens
"Look for the helpers"
And there are always helpers. Good people who go out of their way to help others who are in need.

 Positive Energy, where beauty of what is important is shining. The focal point and area within the composition.

 I worked quietly on this piece then stopped to place it on my easel. I will take my time adding tiny touches now and then all week until I feel this painting is complete. It isn't quite finished. Nothing that is truly beautiful ever is. Beauty awaits us each and every day if we have the eyes to see it and will to look for it.

You can see the whole painting as it is so far below.

Beautiful Flow

 But there is something very different about the way I am painting now. I will confess this art journey improved after my time teaching in New Orleans earlier this year. Above an art store that stocked so many products that were new to me. The place ignited my artists soul and I can't stop experimenting now. I am so thrilled to be returning next year as I want to keep this bubble of energy going. By the way you can join me there as an extra workshop had to be added due to the popularity of the location and courses. Just email me on for details. 

But it isn't just the workshops. By writing my new book I have had to look at why I paint the way I do and consider what I want to improve in my style. I have pushed myself so hard. This morning everything just clicked and magic seemed to happen So much so that I want to share this new knowledge in my next publication so others who paint can enjoy their own journey too. Stretching themselves and loving creating in watercolour because it is a fabulous medium.

My life would be so very different without my art or ability to escape through it. 
To a place where nothing else but joy exists.

"Vintage Flow"


My heart today reaches out to all my USA friends who may be hit by Hurricane Irma. My thoughts are constantly with you and I can't imagine having to leave my home. Know you are loved  and cared about , and I hope you all stay safe.


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