Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Paint Yourself Calm: Things can only get better.

 Sea Wash, foundation for a new sea horse painting

I do believe that things can always only get better. But you sometimes have to take that first step into making them.  For me, yesterdays painting session was so magical that I was eager to race to my studio this morning. However I had an appointment which would keep me away from painting anything too seriously. I come across this obstacle on my workshops so often when attending artists tell me that they are often so busy they have no time to paint at all from one week to the next. Well I get so busy too but I always find time  to paint three experimental washes each day and they do get better each time I pick up my brushes.

For example, look at the lively wash above. It is full of intriguing textural patterns. The brownish dots you see have been created by my application of Himalayan salt. I like the patterns this salt gives me but not always the marks it leaves. Here however I want to create a feeling of coral under the sea so they work well.

Below you can see a wash that has been created using normal rock salt. No brown marks here, just pretty patterns which are very efffective.

 Salt wash

But I love my simple "positive flow" technique washes as those seen below. Here colour alone does all the talking as it merges with water and forms gorgeous shapes for an exciting new composition.

 Healing Flow Wash

 Are all these washes going to be sea horse paintings? I don't know yet! But practise makes perfect and I am aiming for the most unusual wash result before I begin adding any subject. 

If you are interested in creating lovely washes and how they can relax you please read my book "Paint Yourself Calm". It goes through very simple colour exercises that can lead to the most wonderful paintings and at the same time have you relaxing while you paint. Below is an image from the book.

 Wash from my book "Paint Yourself Calm"

"Paint Yourself Calm"
Available from and leading art stores. 

How wonderful to be able to switch off from the world via colour and a brush!


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