Tuesday, September 26, 2017

How can I Keep From Singing; Roses in Watercolour

 How can I keep from singing?

I walk around my garden each morning taking in the beauty of every single flower. Like every brush stroke in a work of art, petals  make the shape of every bloom sing so beautifully in harmony with all around them. Birds were singing so loudly this morning too as I walked whilst the world slept.

I absorbed this heavenly peaceful feeling and raced to my studio trying to maintain the wonderful early morning sense of calm but I couldn't. Excitement had taken over my soul. Placing colour on paper was the urgent and most important thing on my mind.

I treated myself to picking a few new roses to work from and placed them in a little brown jug that I have had for years. I love these items from my cottage cupboards. Items that are often hidden away until the day they come into use again. Perfect for still life paintings.

 Queen Elizabeth pink roses are still in bloom in our garden and look so delicate next to the vibrant more velvety red roses. I first saw these pink blooms in our very first house when we were married. I fell in love with them straight away. We had our first son in this home, and while pregnant I used to sit in the garden admiring these flowers. Once he was born I used to sit holding him in sunshine, again admiring these roses which carry such  a special connection to that for me.That was a long time ago and our eldest son is now married and in his own home creating memories. But these roses will always remind me of carrying him and looking forward to the day he was born. A tiny premature baby. Who is now a wonderful grown man. I paint these roses and think of so many happy memories.

 This new painting of Queen Elizabeth roses has a softness to it that is so beautiful, even to me as the creating artist. It is holding a magic. I call that magic "love" because if you love what you are doing it shows. I think my feelings definitely shine in this piece.

 Queen Elizabeth roses, soft and beautiful coming to life in watercolour

 The red roses are so very different. Bold in colour. Velvety to touch. They demand stronger bold brushwork and they are repaying me for doing just that by shining against the white of my watercolour paper. Seen below on my easel.

 Pink and Red rosse start my day in watercolour. heaven to work on for an artist who loves colour and energy in their work

I am going to have a magnificent day. I can feel it in my bones. Which is why I am going to get off my computer and paint. I wish you a great day too!

 Roses coming to life on my easel


Artists Tip for the Day

1) Think positive. No matter how hard life is, try to see the beauty and positive side of life. This positive energy will flow into your paintings.
2) Look for the beauty in everything around you. It is there. But sometimes our vision is a wee bit clouded by what is going on in our lives. 
3) Take time to simply sit and look at a subject. Paint it in your mind not on paper. You will be surprised at how much you learn by doing so!


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