Monday, September 25, 2017

A Simple Act Of Kindness

Simple Pleasures
Roses from my garden, painted in Watercolour 

We have no idea how we effect others by our words or actions. But there is one piece of advise I have always believed in. Of all the things we can be in life, being kind is the greatest achievement of all. And that is a huge thing to achieve when often in life so much happens that perhaps we wish hadn't.

I shared a post on Facebook this morning, saying that I was eager to race to my studio. I had looked out of my window and seen grey skies and gloomy rainfall that could have dampened my spirits. I could have sat and watched the news and been thoroughly depressed by it but again, like the weather that too is out of my control. All that is in my control is how I behave and how I can hopefully make others smile.

So with my new book weighing on my mind and a deadline to meet to finish it I headed for my studio this morning. And to do so I had to walk past the roses in bloom in my garden. The pink ones caught my attention first. But these were quickly outshone by the velvety red roses that are fading, past their best but in doing so they look even more beautiful to me. Like a face with gorgeous laughter lines or a story to tell from wrinkles that have appeared through the years. My red roses have bloomed beautifully for quite some time. But after a heavy rainfall they had bent their heads with no strength to hold them upright. They looked even more fascinating, telling a new story. Beauty after the storm.

I carried three of these blooms into my studio and began painting them. I placed them side by side.I love that they then can represent the most important words anyone can hear in life.

I love you.

Maybe that will be this paintings' title!


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