Friday, September 15, 2017

A Dragons Charm: Seahorse in Watercolour

 "A Dragons Charm"

I am staying with my seahorse theme and series this week. This is the latest to my collection. Having fallen in love with the subject  my imagination is now stirred by the possibility of background changes.

In this new almost Celtic composition there are  wonderful patterns and effects behind the subject that make the painting more interesting. I say Celtic because this seems quite Irish, although I don't really connect sea horses with Ireland. It is simply the green that makes me think of St Patricks' Day!

I loved playing with coral in the foreground, as seen in the close up section image below.

Coral , adding interest in my sea scene.

Behind the seahorse, circular shapes had formed in my initial wash. These have now turned delightfully into bubbles or sea spray. With a little encouragement from me as the creating artist of course. These can be seen below

Sea "Bubbles" formed from an interesting first wash.

These patterns and effects are so much fun to create but most of the ideas in these washes are from my book "Paint Yourself Calm", that placed the focus on colour and washes to relax whilst painting. This way of working is truly exciting as you never quite know exactly what is going to happen. For example, I am painting a similar idea of a seahorse in each new painting and yet my results so far have been completely different. Because I am being led by colour, not direct thinking ahead of a new piece or from planning it . I am working freely. And this helps my creative time pass so magically. Full of fascinating outcomes.

I am reading up about sea horses now and there is so much folklore attached to them. They hang on with their tails against the currents. Tiny, delicate but so strong. They are said to be a sign to help you through emotional stress or turmoil.

But to me they are dragons. 
Charms that carry good luck. 
Lets' hope my new Celtic one carries a lot for all who see it!


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