Monday, September 4, 2017

A Brush With a Woman Solo Exhibition September 2017

" Taking Flight"
Strictly copyright  of Jean Haines

" A Brush With a Woman"
The Frame Gallery 
 Gallery and exhibition details via this link,

My solo exhibition opened  last Friday evening, 1st September and the preview event was a fabulous celebration of my new collection. 

It was wonderful seeing old friends and meeting new ones at the event and as always red dots appeared throughout the evening. By Saturday it was lovely to see one wall completely sold out with red dots sprinkled all over the other walls too. Including two sold paintings that had been displayed in the window.  The gallery is thrilled that the show is a success, as am I. But I often feel we lose sight of what the word " exhibition" means as artist.

As a noun the word " exhibit" means to show or put on view.
An exhibition can be a public display of the work such as by artists or artisans, showing their skill. 
To me going to see an exhibition is to enjoy the body of work on display. Taking in the colour and techniques displayed by the artists paintings on show. I love seeing diversity in style and variety in subject material. And yet the main question most people ask first about any exhibition is 
" How many paintings sold? ". 
When I feel the really important question to be asked was 
" What was the work like? "
 "Did you enjoy the exhibition?"
Actually, enjoying a collection of work is what really is the most important point to me. 

Perhaps, to some in life, the financial side of painting is more important than the actual body of work achieved for a solo exhibition in itself. Yes, of course I am thrilled that paintings sold at my show but what was more fantastic were the amazing comments made throughout the opening night.

My favourites?

"How did you get that effect?" I love when other artists cannot work out how I have achieved a certain pattern or texture effect.

" Your work has changed so much, your new collection is fantastic" I love when people can see I am growing in style and technique

"I can't choose which piece is my favourite because I love them all!" How wonderful is that comment.

I am now receiving emails from visitors to the gallery and also gaining many requests for commissions but I rarely take commissions on. I paint from my heart,when I feel like painting and working on what I want to paint.

I have three new galleries contacting me asking for work and existing galleries who represent me wanting new work which is a great position to be in.

The bottom line is, I adore painting and there are never enough hours in the day to do so!

Below is a very sweet sleeping owl that quickly became a favourite at my exhibiiton. Painted with a new technique and mix of products. Mainly watercolour, but gold dust and use of a painting powder substance is making the soft feathers seem more "fluffy ".

Forty Winks 
Watercolour and gold dust.

Strictly copyright  of Jean Haines

Blue Tit
( Currently still available )
 Strictly copyright  of Jean Haines


Gallery and exhibition details via this link,


Please note: my gallery work is all original , painted using my own ideas. These paintings are not shared with pernission for, or with the view of them being copied. Which is why I do not share step by step demonstrations of these pieces or details of the products used in creating them. To be fair to the collectors of my exhibition paintings. Thank you!

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